Jill Marie Burke is an actor, vocalist, session singer, producer, voice teacher, and musical director. Jill’s professional career began with the Walt Disney Company portraying such characters as Princess Jasmine, Ariel, and Pocahontas.

Theater credits include “It’s Only Life” (with composer John Bucchino), “Inside Out,” for which she won a StageSceneLA’s “Scenie,” and a Robby Award.

Jill was also nominated for an “L.A. Ovation Award” for her work on Stephen Schwartz’s “Snapshots” and “Songs For A New World.”

Ms. Burke has shared the stage with such stars as Tony Award winner Jason Robert Brown, Richard Carpenter, Robert Morse, and her “uncle” Johnny Mathis. She stars in the cabaret revue “Hollywood Revisited,” and frequently performs the Star Spangled Banner for the L.A. Angels of Anaheim.

Our front-woman powerhouse recently headlined in Las Vegas, NV and Branson, MO, in the long-running tribute show “Legends in Concert,” debuting as rock icon Pat Benatar. The striking “Señorita Jill” now rocks stages across North America as RED SKIES’ charismatic lead singer.

VICTOR bender

Hailing from Colombia, South America, Víctor Bender (musician, producer, and composer) has been instrumental in launching the careers of many important Latin Rock artists, most notably, "Juanes" (Universal Records). Victor has been featured in "Rolling Stone International Magazine" for his outstanding production for bands such as "Kraken" and "Estados Alterados," (first South American band to reach heavy rotation on MTV mainstream).

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Victor has earned a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional and versatile touring musician, playing keyboards and guitars for numerous successful acts like Bostyx (featuring David Victor, formerly of Boston), Bohemian Queen, (featuring Sweet's former singer Paulie Z), and, most recently, Red Skies, a formidable Dance Party band.


Pook (né Andrés López Uribe) aka “Pookie”, or “Peloz”, is RED SKIES’ soulful timekeeper.

A man of not only many names, but also various talents and interests, Pook was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia and started drumming at the age of 12 and playing professionally at 14.  At 19, as one of the founding members of local '80s rock band  DOGZ, he had established himself as a well-renowned drummer in the Colombian music scene.

In 1989, Pook moved to L.A. and continued to work as a drummer for many local artists. In 1997, he joined forces with Victor Bender and Axel H to form 80s party band “The Skeptics,” an earlier incarnation of RED SKIES.

In 1998, Pook found a new love when he added the skill of DJ to his resumé. A few years later, during his heyday as a NuDisco/Funk/House DJ in the festival/Burning Man scene, Pook’s mission statement read:

"I live for bringing people danceable beats they just can’t say no to. I’m a vessel for the groove, a messenger of rhythm, a facilitator of dance floor bliss. I provide my customers with the funky  grooves, powerful riffs, moving melodies and bumpin' bass lines they need. I find the pocket and stay in it. That’s my job. I’m a pocket inhabitant, and I am here to stay.”

In the last decade, Pook Jamerson has evolved into a multifaceted artist/musician/audio engineer whose various talents are expressed through drumming, bass playing, DJing, studio production/mixing, songwriting/arranging, and singing/rapping.

Currently, as the drummer for RED SKIES, Pook is applying all of his passion and vast experience in order to keep dance floors bumping everywhere.


Axel H is a talented songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano, synths, guitar) from Bogotá, Colombia, whose musical journey began at a very young age as a classically trained pianist. During his teenage years, Axel became a founding member and key element of DOGZ, one of the first "Rock en Español" bands signed by Sony/Epic Records in Colombia.

Upon graduating from Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, Axel began working and performing with local artists, eventually reuniting with longtime friend Pook Jamerson (drums) to form Los Patanes a powerful rock trio (Axel guitar), (Vail Johnson bass). Al Fin, their debut album, was well received within the L.A Rock en Español community and had significant airplay in many Spanish-speaking countries.

Axel’s other projects include his solo album The One and La Cienaga Collective with Andrés Ospina, John McNally (Eagles, Bonnie Raitt), and renowned percussionist Danilo Arroyo, as well as many collaborations with other local and international producers, artists, and musicians.

These days, Axel greatly enjoys playing with Victor, Pook, and Jill. His solid, soulful bass parts provide the all-essential low end for RED SKIES.